Technical Shop Drawings for Compression Window Systems
Bid Specification for Interior Mounted Removable Storm Windows

Innerglass Window Systems

Test Results

Air Infiltration

Tested by Thompson & Lichtner – Engineering and Testing

December 2010 – Brooksby Village Project

ASTM E 783: Standard Method for Field Measurement of Air Leakage through installed Exterior Windows and Doors

Air infiltration with 25 mph wind pressure at 1.57 psi Measured: .04 cfm /per square foot

Test standard: .30 cfm/per square foot 7.5 times tighter than the test standard!

Tighter than almost any replacement window costing 3 times as much!


Noise Reduction

Tested by Intertek Testing Services June 1997

ASTM E90-90 Sound transmission loss test

Sound transmission class was determined to be STC 27

A further test was done by hermetically sealing around the edges with “Dux-Seal” which only raised it to STC 28, showing that our seals are extremely good. This test qualified us to supply windows to the Boston Central Artery Project for soundproofing around their construction sites