Compression Window | Double Hung Window | Sliding Window

Compression Window

The Innerglass Compression Window is a vinyl framed, glass interior storm window that mounts on the inside of your primary window using Compression-Fit technology. These storm windows seal tightly, eliminating all drafts, condensation, and outside noise.

The Compression-Fit Advantage eliminates the need to install a track for the window to sit in, thus providing an airtight fit – even for windows that are not square!

Innerglass windows are quick and easy to install … minimal skills and 10 minutes is all you’ll need. Most people do it themselves. No carpentry is involved. These windows do not disturb the integrity of your existing windows.

They are perfect for Historic Renovation, Condominiums, and Commercial Buildings.

Double Hung Window

Double Hung Windows at West Point

When you need a window that slides up & down, the Double Hung Interior Storm by Innerglass is your choice. It only needs 1 1/8″depth in the opening for the tracks to be installed at the left, right, and top. There is no track needed at the bottom. The seal is made with Q-Lon weather-strip on the lower sash. The tracks are in 2 parts.  A “C” channel is applied with a single face foam tape into 3 sides of the opening. The double tracks are inserted into the C channel. This arrangement allows the inner track to be shimmed to allow for “out of square” openings.  The sashes are spring-loaded on the left side and are easily inserted into the left track and then into the right track. This feature makes the sashes easily removable for cleaning. Innerglass will match the meeting rail height of the existing window so that the look will be unchanged.

Sliding Window

Triple Slider over Steel Casements

When the existing window is a horizontal slider, or several steel casement windows together in one opening, our sliding window is the answer. The sliding window can be done as a double slider, left or right opening, or a triple slider where both left & right open and the center is stationary. The tracks consist of a C channel taped and screwed into the opening at left, right, and top, and the bottom track is just taped in the opening. It also features Teflon slick tape in the opening sash track. Double tracks are inserted into the C track at left, right, and top. This allows the inner track to be shimmed to accommodate out of square conditions. The vinyl tracks don’t need weather-stripping because the material itself acts as the weather-stripping. We use a physical interlock between the sashes for extra tightness.