1. Clean window opening where track is to be applied with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Identify the top track; it is the C track with a double track inside it. Dry fit it in the opening. If it is too long, trim it to fit. Decide where you want the track to be and make a light pencil mark at each end of the track on the opening, pull off the paper backing and press in place according to your marks.
  3. Dry fit the shallow double track on the sill, and the 2 side C Tracks as well. The sidetracks sit on the sill track and butt to the top track. Use the Top Double Track to align sidetracks and sill until they are even and the same distance from the window all around. Make a light pencil mark at each end of sill track on sill.
  4. Remove paper backing and position sill track with the side marked back facing outside, on the marks and press in place. Do the same with the C sidetracks.
  5. Drive 2 #6 x 1″ screws in the top track and 2 screws each into the sidetracks. No screws are used on the sill track.
  6. Push double track into top C track, Trim if necessary.
  7. Clean tracks to remove any dust. Armorall or silicone sprays work well to lubricate tracks.
  8. For triple sliders, the center sash goes into the back track first, for double sliders the sash with the interlock on the same side as the pull handle goes in the back track.
  9. Install sashes by pushing the sprung side into the top track and lifting the bottom over the sill track. Some horizontal play is built in to the sashes to make sure the interlock in the center engages.