1. The top track is a deep U-shape with a shallow double track inside it. Pull the shallow double track out and lay it aside. The top u-shape is installed first. Trim to a snug fit if necessary. Pull off the paper backing of the mounting tape and install at header. Press it on firmly. The left and right U-shape tracks are installed the same way, trim to a snug fit under the top U-shape. Use 2 panhead screws at the top and 2 or 3 screws at each side.
  2. The deep double track goes on the left side with the holes towards the bottom. Take the deep double track, and put the top end inside the top track. The track should sit on the sill, and then press it firmly onto the u-shape track.
  3. The long shallow track goes on the right side with the holes towards the bottom. Install as you did the deep track.
  4. Take the top shallow track and fit it into the top U-shape, trim if necessary.
  5. The bottom sash is the one with the Q-Lon weather stripping at the bottom. Unlike standard double hung windows the bottom sash goes in first and is behind the top sash. It goes in spring side first into the farthest deep track. Holding the sash at top and bottom and retracting the spring pin on the right, push the sash left until the right side goes into the shallow track.
  6. Install the top sash the same way and raise it until the lock pins go in. You may have to push them in to fully seat them.