"Salty" our Official Innerglass Greeter

“Salty” our Official Innerglass Greeter


My name is David Degling and I’ve been interested in energy conservation since my days in high school in the 1970′s. The 1973 Oil Embargo really made a big impression on me. Those high oil and gas prices are still troubling people now.

Back then my thinking was rather blunt.

How can I keep from paying big money to Big Oil? My personal answer was to use less, not by shivering in the dark, but by being smart about how I used energy.

I drove smaller vehicles that got the best gas mileage. I drove a lighter S-10 pick up truck and it got 20 mpg instead of a full size truck that got 12 mpg. I switched lights off when not in use. I set my water heater lower. I installed insulation in my home.

I found that you don’t have to suffer or compromise your lifestyle to save energy. With good decisions you can live a great life and be green!

My first house in 1981 was new and had wood double hung windows with thermo pane glass. I thought I did well until that 1st winter when I discovered that the windows whistled in the wind! Candles would get blown out!

What could I do?

I was way too cheap to even think of replacing the windows… they were brand new! I did some research at the library (this was before the internet!) and found out about magnetic inside storms. I made some and they worked OK – until the wind really blew. I made some and they worked OK until the wind really blew and they would pop off on your head!

There had to be a better way!

It wasn’t until 1991 that I found that better way. I went to a franchise & opportunity show in Hartford CT and discovered The Alternative Window Company. They were looking to set up franchises for their Spring Loaded Compression Interior Storm. I had never seen anything like this kind of storm window.

It was so simple… so tight, and it was glass! I became their 1st franchisee. I liked the product so much that I bought the company.